Sunday January 30, 2005 (continued)

MGM Studios was a really neat park and turned out to be one of our favorites.

You'll notice as you look at all of our pictures that Owen really preferred the fully-costumed characters. He was wary of those with “real” faces (like the Princesses), and even those whose faces seemed “real” (like the Incredibles).

Shorts in January! You've got to love it!
Speaking of which, you could tell the “northerners” from the “southerners”
... in 50-60 degree weather one group had shorts on, the others had jeans and jackets. :)

Owen at “Playhouse Disney” Live! This show was really a lot of fun.
Claire was a bit embarrassed by the interactive nature of the show,
but the rest of us got a kick out of it.

Tomorrow we have breakfast with the Princesses at Epcot...