These are pics from 10/11/03

Here is the obligatory first picture of the front of the house.  Notice the trench, more on that to come.  Also, door is locked now, we had to get keys from the sales women at the model.  

Here is the trench, I am having them put in a tunnel to the nearest nuclear proof shelter in case of terrorist attack... well, not really, and drat, already signed the completion order, I bet that will kill me to put it in aftermarket...

Here is another view of the trench.   The house they are building next door to ours (theirs will be done a little before ours) also has a trench, and I caught Owen climbing in.   (Highlight up to the dashes to read the spoiler .. learned this technique from ) Good thing we don't have carpet yet.  ---

This is the neighborhood from the porch.  Dude, I know, its a huge cul-de-sac if it can hold Oslo.

Can't laugh at me now, the hardwood in the foyer really is finshed!  (Who would laugh at me you ask?  You know who you are!)

Foyer from upstairs.  Notice the bar across is gone, no chandalier yet, so not sure why it was there, maybe for the wiring where the chandalier will hang, or for bungee jumping for cowards?  Either way its gone now, lets party!

Dude, this is the half bath on the first floor, check it out, we have a mirror, and a towel bar thing!  I totally wasn't expecting them to add those for us, makes one thankful for the little things!  Also, though I didn't get a picture of it, the tile (linoleum, not upgraded heh) is already in there as well as in the  kitchen and morning room.  

At last, my kitchen is almost ready!  The gaps - far left corner=refrigerator, far center=oven/stove, right side half height gap=dishwasher.   Door real close on the left is the pantry.  Dining room is straight ahead through doorway, morning room on right, front hallway to foyer on left after the pantry.

This is the "bar" in the kitchen, this is shot from inside the morning room.  My sink is straight ahead.  

This is the morning room.  I love this room, but I don't love the morning, its a paradox.  I wonder if there are any ancient Chinese proverbs about this.  If not, I will have to create one.

This is what Jessica calls "crown" molding.  (We are in dining room).  I fail to see how pouring molten metal into the ceiling, assuming we can reverse gravity inside the house as easily as we do outside, will make us a crown.  But, I just smile and nod  "Yes dear".

Here is what Jessica calls a "chair rail".  Umm, its cool but I think its only going to stop someone from falling our of their chair to one side.  I guess the table goes on the other side?  Ok, Jessica wins this one.  

If you'll follow me upstairs, you'll find the kids bathroom in the hall (well, Claire is the only one of them using a potty, so its really Claire's).  It just needs a toilet and fixtures!

This one is my bathroom.  

Here is part of the backyard from Claire's bedroom window.

This is a very artistic picture, taken out of the same window, looking down at our new walkup.  I don't know why, but I feel much less anxiety now that those stairs are there.   According to an old Kurdish proverb "Stairs are climbed step by step".  I am not sure it helps, but it does apply.

Here is one of the walkup from the basement.  We had hoped the concrete was still wet so we could write our initials, but alas, it was too late.