These are pics from 8/24/03

This is the front, you can see the porch taking shape on the left and the garage on the right.

Here is our garage, can't wait to fill it with bikes, a lawn mower, you know... anything but a car!

Here, we continue around the side of the house, this is the right side of the backyard.

Here you can see the morning room, and the hole where a sliding glass door will live.

This is the all important walk-up shot.  Consider this our way out if, you know, the house is attacked by terrorists.  

This is the backyard from the left corner (keep in mind, my directional comments are valid if you are the batter, and home plate is in the driveway, while the pitcher is on the front porch).  On the far right you can see the bay window in-progress.

This shot made possible by the Flash (TM) on our camera.  This is in through one of the two basement windows, other than sliding down the dirt in the walk-up, its the only way to get a good look.  Kudos to Jessica's uncle Mike for taking the hard way in to be sure we had our beams (there was one up on the ground and we wanted to make sure they hadn't forgotten our metal beams, in case terrorists attack, of course).

So, we got our courage up, and went inside.  Here is a shot, from the spacious two-story foyer, of the "formal" living room.  You can see the bay window again, in-progress. Much to my chagrin, I now realize that a bay window does not guarantee you a waterfront view!

In this picture  I am standing in the "family" room, and looking at the kitchen directly in front of me, and the dining room beyond it.  To the right is the morning room.

This is the morning room.  No "flux-capacitor" needed, when inside it, it is always morning!  We expect this to be great when we want pancakes and eggs at night.  Kind of like our own Denny's.

This is the family room.  At the far end, is the wood-burning fireplace.  That is of course so we can boil water, in case terrorists attack.  Oh yeah, and so we can roast marshmallows!