These are pics from 9/07/03

Here is the front of the house, I included this pic because it rocks!  (Wow, I led off with a pun, that required courage!)

How's that for a chimney?  Yee haw!  We can have open flame in our house!  

This is the back of the house, in all of its windowed glory!  Its important to note that using the term window, or any of its forms is not yet a trademark violation.  Lets all hope Lindows wins its case.  (Had to get an obscure technology trademark case involved here somehow)

Wow, there I am with Claire in the backyard.  To the left is the sliding glass door on the morning room.  We hope to put a patio in there one day so we can have open flame right next to our house (via the grill), maybe even at the same time we have open flame in the fireplace!  We like living on the edge!

Dude, we're getting siding!

Look at this hardware!  I am excited, will have to ask the builder what OS it runs!  Jessica said something about AC, but I have never heard of that OS.  Maybe its some odd BSD derivative.  (This is in the basement btw).

This is part of the finished basement area.  The door is to the walkup.

This is the family room, against the far wall is the fireplace.  I prefer to use a circle of large rocks for my fires, but Jessica said this is the only way she will let me burn stuff inside.

In lieu of a view, of my left shoe, I present to you, a view from our first floor loo.  Basically, this is the view if you are sitting on the toilet in our first floor bathroom.  Of course, we will put a light in there once the house is finished, so the room isn't so dark.  That way, we can see, when returning home from a long trip, if anyone has broken into our house to use the bathroom.

This is the two story foyer.  Apparently we will have some sort of light or chandalier hanging from the top.  Alternately, we have considered hanging a disco ball and renting the foyer out on weekends.

This is the walk-in closet in the master bedroom.  It is over the garage.

This is the master bathroom.  To the left will be sink(s), straight ahead is the shower, to the left of the shower, under the window is the big triangular tub, and to the right is a little room for the toilet.

This is the upstairs hall bathroom.  Against the far wall will be the tub/shower, the toilet will sit over the big white round thing, and then the sink should be near the photographer.

Here, we are up on the landing looking down the stairs into the foyer.  The foyer is going to be hardwood, so I guess they are finished with this part of the house!