Monday January 31, 2005 (continued)

After breakfast we explored more of EPCOT starting with Norway, since we were already there. We quickly learned that Claire wanted to visit with the characters and that the rides were all a bit too scary for her and that Owen wanted to ride all of the rides (even the scary ones) and that the characters were all a bit too scary for him.

The trolls in Norway.

After riding “Journey into the Imagination with Figment” the kids played in the Kodak Imagination Labs
and made these pictures that we sent to the grandparents from EPCOT.

Owen being chased by a coral reef near the Living Seas pavilion.

We went back to MGM for a late lunch/early dinner at the 50's Prime Time Cafe (a really neat place where the server is “Mom” and you are the kids. You had better be sure to clean your plate, and no elbows on the table, or you might have to write sentences like I did!)

After our lunch (dunch?) we went over to visit the Incredibles.

Tomorrow we'll go to the Magic Kingdom after breakfast at Chef Mickey's!