This is a basic page, with some pictures of the new house.  (The picture pages are best viewed in at least 800X600 I would really recommend higher, maybe 1024X768)

5/23/03 (Our lot, lots of dirt and rock)

6/7/03 (Our hole, yes, they dug us a hole!)

6/21/03 (There is some concrete in our hole!)

7/13/03 (A little more hole, and some of the neighborhood)

8/9/03 (Wow, we were gone for a while and look how far its come!)

8/24/03 (Hot diggity dog! It looks like a house!)

8/31/03 (Dude, bring batteries!  We went out there, and there was a TON done, but the batteries were dead and we forgot the spares.  Hence, we will have to go out this weekend and take more!  There are stairs upstairs and downstairs now and the rooms have frames up. Pics to come, I promise!  Also, pics to come of our phat new ride!  -thats late 90's slang for a neat new car-)

9/7/03 (We brought extra batteries this time!  Some good pics in here, and even some prose)

Pics of our hot new (to us) wheels!

9/20/03 (Woo Hoo, we have walls!  Pics taken only days after Isabel hit the DC area )

10/11/03 (It almost ready, 5 more weeks and we move in!)

10/25/03 (I am getting these pics up weeks late, so keeping it light on the chatter.  The word of the visit is "details".  We have light fixtures and such...)